Towing Service

For towing services, please call 4024 8826.

About Victor...

Buenos dias! My name is Victor and I am here to help you. My passion is helping tourist families when they visit the beautiful country of Guatemala. I can help with many things... airport pick-up and drop off, tours of Guatemala City and Antigua (other locations can be negotiated), run errands, help with getting a sick baby to the doctor... You name it and I am there.

I am a family man and know how important it is to feel comfortable and safe, especially when traveling in a foreign country. I drive a minivan and have car seats for your little ones. Please contact me (info on the right) to schedule your visits in our beautiful country. Bienvenido a Guatemala!

Guatemala City Tour

I will take you and your family on a tour of Guatemala city. You will get to see many sites including the Cathedral, the National Palace and the Central Market. You can spend time shopping at the Central Market or see another museum such as the Textile or Archaeological Museum. Flexibility is my specialty. If there is something you want to see in Guatemala City, I will get you there! Please call or e-mail to reserve your trip now. Total trip time: approximately 4-5 hours. Please contact Victor for pricing information.

Day Trip to Antigua

Antigua, Guatemala may be the most outstanding and best-preserved colonial city in Spanish America. Tourists visit Antigua Guatemala every year from around the world to enjoy its natural beauty and historic monuments. The Spanish Colonial style permeates every part of the town: its houses, churches, squares, parks and ruins, also its traditions and folklore as well. Antigua is a city of charm and color where you can see and buy an overwhelming variety of attractive, handmade products that honor the traditions of generations of artisans.
I will take you on a day trip to remember! By the end of the day, you will have visited a Jade Factory, the Convent of Las Capuchinas, a coffee plantation and the Handicraft Market. I will offer suggestions of where to eat and will again take you anywhere you want to go. Contact Victor for pricing information. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! Total time - approximately 6-7 hours.