Guatemala City Tour

I will take you and your family on a tour of Guatemala city. You will get to see many sites including the Cathedral, the National Palace and the Central Market. You can spend time shopping at the Central Market or see another museum such as the Textile or Archaeological Museum. Flexibility is my specialty. If there is something you want to see in Guatemala City, I will get you there! Please call or e-mail to reserve your trip now. Total trip time: approximately 4-5 hours. Please contact Victor for pricing information.


Calvin, Becky, Bradley, Lena & Alexa said...

Victor is excellent! Cant say enough good things. Great English, flexible. We felt very safe with Victor. He took us to the zoo, showed us around town, and went to the market. If you are in Guatemala City, and need assistance getting around, Victor is your man.

Lynne'sblog said...

I agree with all the other comments. Victor, and his brother-in-law Hector are both very pleasant guides, and easy to be around. Don't hesitate to contact Victor if you're going to be in Guatemala City